Criminal Defense

An arrest or potential criminal prosecution is a frightening matter.  Law enforcement authorities are NOT interested in your side of the story.  Arrest and prosecution is their job.  Defending you is OUR job.

You are innocent until proven guilty.  Let our firm fight for you.  Our attorney is skilled in handling criminal matters and has proven trial experience in the South Carolina Court of General Sessions, Magistrate Court, and Municipal Court.

Protect your rights.  If you are facing a criminal matter, or a potential criminal prosecution, call us before you talk to the law enforcement authorities.  We handle criminal matters in the Court of General Sessions, Magistrate Court, and Municipal Court.

Areas We Cover

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  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

  • ​​Traffic Offenses

  • ​Burglary and Theft Offenses

  • ​​Criminal Domestic Violence

  • Assaults

  • ​Drug Offenses

  • ​Drug Forfeitures/Civil Asset Forfeitures

  • ​Bond Reductions

  • ​Probation Violations

  • ​Juvenile Offenses

  • ​​Professional License Defense for Matters with the South Carolina LLR


When you have been charged with a criminal offense, the anxiety and uncertainty can quickly become overwhelming.

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